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Freaky photos

Sheila ignored the little things out of place in her anally-tidy apartment.
A crooked picture frame.
Utensils in the drawers that are supposed to be on the counter.
The television swiveled in the opposite direction.
But when flipping through photos on her phone one night, Sheila could not ignore the one of her sleeping. One she hadn't taken.
Sheila is single and lives alone.
Shivers ran down her spine as she slowly sat up from laying on her couch.
Suddenly the radio blasted from the coffee table. She lunged for the remote on the side table, only to find it missing. She slammed the off button and ran to double check the front door was locked.
She quickly found and dialed the non-emergency police number.
"I think someone's been in my apartment."
Two police officers arrived shortly afterward, and searched her apartment. No one was inside except Sheila and the officers. She told them about the strange things out of place and showed them the picture, but they gave each other eye-rolling looks when they thought Sheila wasn't watching.
"Call if something else happens," the taller officer said.
"Just lock your door and windows," the stout officer said.
The officers left, Sheila did what they said and then cowered under a blanket in front of the television. She texted her sister, Shelly, "Can't wait for ur visit tmrw. Something freaky's happening here."
Her sister texted back, "It's late. Go to bed. See you tmrw."
Suddenly, Sheila's apartment lights went out.
She yelped and turned on her cell phone's flashlight.
Two men stood near the front door, blocking her only chance at a quick exit.
"We've been watching you," said one masked man in a gruff voice.
"Wha-what do you want?" Sheila asked, voice shaking.
The two men just stared at her.
Before Sheila could move, someone grabbed her from behind and blackness descended as a dark canvas bag was shoved over her head.
The next morning, Sheila's sister arrived and let herself in with a spare key only to find Sheila's phone on the living room floor, but no Sheila.
When Shelly picked up the phone, the screen revealed a photo of Sheila seated in a chair in her favorite pajamas and her head covered in a black bag.

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  1. Sheila should password protect her phone. If she makes it out alive.