"I am alive and kicking"

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Working my way toward a freelance career

It’s true. I’m not dead. In fact, I’m quite alive and busy.
After an extensive search for a domain name for my blog, I couldn’t think of anything clever or entertaining. Then my friend Rachel sent me a note … “annasnotdead.com. I Googled your name and the first picture that popped up was a gravestone. and I thought, wait, Anna’s not dead!”
So, in the spirit of me not pushing up daisies, I have created this blog to share my take on a variety of subjects. 
In April 2015, I quit my nine-year career as a newspaper reporter to pursue freelance writing, and still have a love for sharing feature-y type stories.
I love history, reading, writing (of course), travel (although I don’t get to very often) and the obvious family involvement of hanging with my boys (son and husband). I love sharing unique stories about others, particularly those around me or people I don’t even know, but who have a fascinating story to tell.
My dream one day is to create a novel, which will take some serious effort on my part.
I have a moderate social life, but mostly I’m working to balance family and work, which can sometimes make me feel like I’ve kicked the bucket.
With that, I hope you enjoy the strange, unique, entertaining and hopefully informative posts I plan to provide for you! 
Happy reading!

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