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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

DNA tests bring some surprises

Other results are as expected

SURPRISE! I'm 48 percent Scandanavian! Uffda! 
The other day, our AncestryDNA test results came back through email. And we were quite entertained. And then life got in the way and my blog suffered, so here I am finally catching up. 
When I looked at my results, my first reaction was, "Duh!" 

As if my dialect wasn't all-telling, this definitely is. (Courtesy of AncestryDNA)
I was surprised, however, to see I have more British blood than Finnish. But, then again, I really do love tea. 
The final three regions listed in my ancestry came as a slight surprise, until I learned a couple things. 
The 9 percent Italy/Greece, 8 percent Iberian Peninsula and 6 percent Europe West were a little surprising. But, the information on AncestryDNA reminded me that even within Europe people migrated quite a bit over the centuries. So, it's not unheard of that Italians would have moved over to France (which is in Europe West) or over to Spain (which is on the Iberian Peninsula), or even up to Great Britain, or vice versa.
The trace of 2 percent Irish blood wasn't entirely a surprise because my mom's mom's maiden name was Green. 
I'm currently working on building my family tree at Ancestry.com and am deciding whether I want to move to a paid subscription. 

Connie's DNA results were much more surprising to her, as she wasn't sure about her ancestry. Her family always told her, "We're German." But that isn't true!
Connie's spit told us she is 60 percent British! 

Connie and I share some common backgrounds, but she was surprised to find
she is mostly British and less than 1 percent Jewish! (Courtesy of AncestryDNA)
For the last week, Connie has made jokes about and blamed certain aspects of her personality on being mostly British. So we've had quite a few laughs. 
Connie is also trying to decide whether she wants to sit down and make a family tree on Ancestry.com.
So far, neither one of us has delved too deeply into the results other than to read background on the areas our family members may have come from. 
Remember, the results from the AncestryDNA test are approximate and only give you an idea of where your ancestors originated. 
Now it's up to us to do some digging, perhaps starting with a subscription to Ancestry.com.